Punta Fuego

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Punta Fuego

hello tumblr pals, i haven’t been updating! (slaps own face) anyway, i’m back now! This long weekend was just what i needed. R&R baby! lol. So these past few weeks have been the most stressful i had by far; job hunting, dilemmas on resigning or extending, interviews, time-in’s and outs, leaves, undertime and all that work crap! 

Ya’ll know what i mean.

Anyway, i went to Terrazas de Punta Fuego with the best-est people ever. We weren’t complete but it was all good. I got to drink again after one month. mmm-hmm. good ole alcohol back in my system! haha

I’m rushing my prologue because i’m too exited to… PhotoDump Mode! Lol 

And so i’ve learned that the cure for anything is salt water;

sweat, tears, or the sea